About Bleep Attack!

Val sings live at Korova Vince plays live at Korova

Bleep Attack! is a local San Antonio electropop band known for their live performances integrated with video projection, performance and costumes! Combining electro with pop and even metal influences, what may have been initially perceived as a clash of musical interest has instead resulted in the musical balance that is Bleep Attack! Bleep Attack! incorporates art and music to form a unique blend of emotions and movement for your ears, eyes and hearts to enjoy.

At live performances, people can expect an “electric” and “bright” electro-musical performance art mixed with live projection and theatrics! Our live performances consist of a live video projection set to go along with our performances, live performance art and theatrics, live music, and lights. Bleep Attack! is sure to entertain you with their both fun and energetic Live Shows! All projected videos are 100% originally directed and made Bleep Attack! Videos. We also created our specially designed lit up stage set. We love crowd interaction with our fans, especially our dancing fans! Come see us and we will have a blast!

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